Report on the collection of drought impacts relevant for the Alpine region: The EDII Alps V1.0 database

Drought may affect a range of environmental and socio-economic sectors. Assessing a region’s risk to drought requires knowledge about the type of adverse impacts that have occurred as a consequence of drought in the past. In order to improve the knowledge about potential sectors at risk in the Alpine Space region, the ADO project’s aims include the collection, collation and analysis of drought impact records. This report documents the newly assembled EDII-Alps delivered by the ADO project’s work package T3. This report-based drought impact inventory was built specifically for the region on the basis of the classification system of the EDII (European Drought Impact report Inventory). For the purpose of creating an up-to-date drought impact record for the region, information was gathered and transcribed from national databases and reports. Besides the most prominent impact category ‘agriculture and livestock farming’, many impact reports also relate to ‘public water supply’, ‘forestry’, ‘aquatic ecosystems’. The report describes the data collection and provides an overview of the Version 1.0 contents of the new database, which contains more than 3200 impact entries. The data will be used for the analysis of drought vulnerability and risk in the next project phases.