Project ADO aims to create an online drought monitoring platform and develop policy implementation guidelines for proactive drought management in the Alpine Space region, to improve:

  • the understanding of drought impacts in the Alps,
  • the current drought monitoring and forecasting capabilities,
  • and the current drought management practices and drought preparedness.

The overall objective  is to provide a platform for the monitoring and forecasting of drought with specialized products for the Alpine Space region, which will contribute to an improved drought preparedness. Furthermore, findings from the ADO may inform a better implementation of policies for drought management, to create better coordinated governance instruments for a more efficient use of the resource water (e.g. solve conflicts of interest and protect sensitive ecosystems). Ultimately, the aim is to reduce the risks associated to drought. This will contribute to the conservation and protection of ecosystems affected by water scarcity.

The ADO will be applied in 6 case studies in all alpine countries with local partners. Case studies represent different drought issues such as:

  • Agricultural drought,
  • Hydrological drought,
  • Or drought impact on ecosystems.


Out of the case studies, guidelines for an improved drought risk management will be developed. Findings will be upscaled to recommendations for drought governance policies for the Alps.