The Alps, an innovation lab

We dream of an Alpine Space where people living in remote, mountain areas have easier access to services and where innovative SMEs and start-ups can fully unleash their potential. Between 2014 and 2020, we have turned this dream into 22 co-funded projects. Discover the solutions developed by these projects for the Alpine communities, and how you, too, can be part of this change!


Interreg Alpine Space supports innovative projects everywhere in the Alpine region. From inventive business models, to food production and tourism, our projects have boosted the economy and quality of live in urban and rural areas all around the Alps. Click on the images to discover how projects made each dream become a reality!


Discover how CoNSENSo helps make the dream of ageing at home a reality

Home is the best place to grow old, but ageing in isolated areas can be challenging. The knowledge and networks developed during the project were especially useful to some of the participating municipalities during the COVID-19 emergency.






Discover how S3-4AlpClusters helps make the smart specialisation dream come true

The competitiveness of a region depends on far-sighted industrial development policies. The S3-4AlpClusters project developed its S3 innovation model in order to overcome major obstacles to effective smart specialisation.





Discover how PlurAlps helps make the dream of
a welcoming society come true

In Italy, a young migrant has been trained to build a mountain farm, revitalising agriculture in the valley. These and the other 11 actions tested by PlurAlps in pilot areas have made it easier for newcomers to access local resources, start their life in the Alps and meet local people.





Discover how AlpBioEco helps make the bioeconomy dream come true

Agriculture is an important sector in the Alps, but too often by-products don’t find adequate valorisation. AlpBioEco works to increase the sustainability of the apple, walnut and herbs value chains while identifying opportunities and paths for innovation.






Discover how BE-READI ALPS helps make the
SMEs innovation dream come true

Mature small companies often find it hard to open new development paths. Alpine business support organisations can guide them to seize relaunch opportunities if they are able to provide efficient, complete services and to network effectively across the Alpine region.





Discover how SmartVillages helps make the smart village dream come true

Living and working in rural Alpine areas can be hard, when few services are available and social innovation and entrepreneurship find many obstacles. While digitalisation can be a promising approach to improve services for remote areas, it doesn’t generate development in and of itself.





Discover HEALPS2 helps make the Alpine health
tourism dream come true

The many health benefits of the Alpine natural environment are well known. In the last few years, and even more so after the COVID-19 outbreak, the trend for health, nature and regionality has gained momentum in the tourism sector.

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