2020: Interreg turns 30!

Interreg started in 1990 to fund cooperation beyond borders and support partners from different countries to tackle common challenges and create opportunities for a better future. Interreg Alpine Space contributed in this success story with 177 projects co-financed since its creation 20 years ago. There are almost 100 Interreg programmes of different scales. Majority covers cross-border cooperation work (usually two neighbouring countries) and 15 of them, including Interreg Alpine Space, work on transnational cooperation within larger areas. 

In order to celebrate this anniversary, the European Commission has selected three main topics to represent Interreg: We all have a neighbour / Youth / Green and climate neutral Europe. 

We all have a neighbour 

For 30 years now, under Interreg, EU cooperation programmes have been helping neighbours work together to develop strong comunities along borders. Thousands of EU-funded projects have been bringing concrete benefits to EU border regions and beyond. 

The Alpine Space SmartVillages project is one of the 30 emblematic projects of the official #Interreg30 campaign. 


Interreg facilitates youth mobility thorough cross-border internships and cooperation between educational establishments. Youth mobility is a prime mechanism for fostering a sense of European identity and citizenship. Young generations are the future of cooperation, Interreg empowers the European spirit. 

The Alpine Space project GaYA illustrates this topic. 

Green and climate neutral Europe  

A green climate neutral Europe cannot be achieved if we all work in isolation but only through cooperation. That is what Interreg stands for the past 30 years.

The Alpine Space project LOS_DAMA! illustrates the topic “GREEN” of the Interreg 30 years campaign launched by the European Commission.

#InterregTalks: the perspective of European leaders on Interreg cooperation

Joint storymap of Interreg transnational programmes

Official campaign video: #Interreg30

Interreg podcast "This is Europe"

Episode on "Neighbours" with the Alpine Space project SmartVillages!

#Interreg30 exhibition: promotion of the Interreg community achievements!

Ebook Interreg 30 Years Projects

We invite you to celebrate these achievements with us and the other programmes all along 2020! 

Get involved with us by sharing your project´s achievements, with the hashtag #Interreg30 and with your participation to related upcoming events!

Green Week

Cooperation Day

Celebration of 30 years of interreg