Raising Awareness with -My River Kit-

During the SPARE project, IRSTEA has created a role playing game called – My River Kit –, with the aim of raising awareness about integrated water resources management concepts and ecosystem services.

It is a simple tool, designed for all kind of audiences, and it can be played autonomously.

If you are interested in this tool, please find the brochure below.

You can download My River Kit under this link : https://spare.boku.ac.at/index.php/en/myriverkit

There, you will find zip files containing the game material in three languages: English, French and Italian. In each file, the material is available on a printable (.pdf) version but also in its source format so that everyone can modify, adapt it, or enter a modelling process to create a new game adapted to the river basin of your choice (a guide is included).

Material contained in the zip file:

  • Rules booklet and a game guide
  • A game table
  • Activity and event cards
  • A modelling and adaptation guide

We will be grateful if this tool can live and be useful to anyone. Do not hesitate to download it and to give us feedbacks.

I am available to any comment or question.

Best regards,

Mélaine Aucante.

Participation and decision engineering
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