Tue 15.10., 10 am – 3 pm „Instagram-Hype in protected areas“
The influence of Social Media on the visitor behaviour, consequences for nature, recommendations and best-practice for interventions

Many protected areas report an increase in visitor numbers, often triggered by publications on platforms like Instagram. In the National Park Berchtesgaden one of the main „Insta-hotspots“ is the Königsbach waterfall. More and more people, mainly youngsters, come to see the waterfall, take a bath and share their experiences and pictures on Social Media. New trails, large soil erosion or remaining campfire spots are collateral consequences. In April 2019, two young men died in the strong current.

A study is ongoing in the National Park Berchtesgaden to better understand the phenomenon. First interventions are derived from the results. We would appreciate to discuss these first results with you in the workshop and exchange experiences from other protected areas to find solutions.

First of all you are asked! Even if you are not able to participate in our workshops, we are interested in your experiences:

  • Do you know alike hotspots in your protected area or another which was hyped in the last years through Social Media?
  • Which phenomena do you observe?
  • Which strategies do you use in the field? (e.g. signing, visitor guidance…)
  • Which strategies do you use in Social Media? (e.g. communication campaigns, apps…)
  • What are your experiences with these interventions? What works, what doesn‘t?


Thank you for your support - Please send your registration until 30.8.2019 to ulf.dworschak@npv-bgd.bayern.de