After the project end it is time to take stock: What did the project change in the field of services of general interest in the Alpine Space? Although the impact of a project usually only becomes evident well beyond its end, some preliminary conclusions can already be made:

The think tank created by the project became a subgroup of “EUSALP Action Group 5: To connect people electronically and promote accessibility to public services” and will continue its work  under moderation of the Swiss Center for Mountain Regions. In addition, the project results will be transformed into regional strategies in several alpine countries. Last but not least the INTESI project finds its continuation in the EUSALP macroregional strategy action group 5 (“To connect people electronically and promote accessibility to public services”) which will integrate its findings in the macroregional action plan.

Within the INTESI project, 10 partners from 5 countries worked to overcome the sectoral approach to delivering SGI by promoting better coordination and inclusion into integrated territorial strategies.

In a first stage, the project collected and analysed all the SGI strategies relevant for the Alpine Space. This provided researchers with a state-of-play of SGI delivery, challenges, needs and opportunities. After that, regional profiles of the 10 test areas were elaborated revealing their needs in terms of SGI with regard to demographic development and accessibility and a collaborative exchange platform for the design of 8 pilot actions – the implementation of concrete measures for SGI integration – was built up.

In the framework of INTESI, 8 pilot activities were implemented in test areas in order to experiment on integrated, territorial SGI strategies. Based on project findings the INTESI project elaborated an intervention model on SGI integration and 7 recommendations for decision makers in a so called handbook.

Approaches to SGI integration and best practices were shared by the partnership with the INTESI think tank that is a platform for the exchange of best practices on the provision of SGIs across the Alps. In addition to identifying upcoming challenges for SGI, the think tank discusses policy recommendations, reflects on the work of SGI projects and proposes solutions on the technical and political level.