Results of the PCS online survey: “Protect the river Steyr but also find ways for a low-impact utilization”

What are the local people’s priorities when it comes to the question of balance between protection and responsible utilization of the river Steyr and its tributaries? This was subject of lively discussions of local community representatives, nature conservationists, representatives of local industry, tourism etc. in four stakeholder meetings in 2017, in the frame of the EU-financed participation process „Die Steyr WERT schätzen“ („eVALUEte the river Steyr“). In an online survey from 9 to 25 April 2019, the questions discussed in the Representative Group were put to 8.000 households in the river catchment. More than 800 households seized the opportunity to participate in the survey and share their opinion on the 15 questions of the survey. 

Written by Barbara Grüner from BOKU