Partnership agreement

Contract signed between the lead partner and all project partners containing all duties and responsibilities of each project partner before, during and after the project implementation.

Progress report

A written document describing the findings of an assessment that takes place during the project by project partners, that conveys details such as what objectives have been achieved, what resources have been expended, what problems have been encountered, and whether the project is expected to be completed on time and within budget. It consist of activity and finance part.

See also Final project report (activity part and financial part)

Project assessment

One part of the project selection process. It implies in-depth quality assessment of the project application.

See also Selection procedure.

Project idea

Is an outline of the project proposal, thus not an official submission of a project proposal. It is prepared by project applicants for the purpose of mutual understanding of their project concept, for partner search and for communication with ACPs and JS. Project ideas can be submitted through the programme website. More information can be found here.

See also Project proposal.

Project implementation handbook

Dedicated fact sheets providing relevant information for different phases of project cycle (project generation, application, contracting and implementation). It should serve as guidance for potential partners, project participants and programme bodies. It includes also relevant forms and guidance for their completion. The project implementation handbook is accessible here.

Project main output

The outcome of the activities funded, telling us what has actually been produced for the money given to the project. It can be captured by a programme output indicator, and directly contributes to the achievement of the project result.

See also Project outcome.

Project main result

The immediate advantage of carrying out the project, telling us about the benefit of using the project main outputs. It should indicate the change the project is aiming for. It contributes to the programme result indicator.

See also Project main output.

Project outcome

Intended situation, which is a combination of project results, outputs and deliverables, at the end of the project or soon after.

See also Project main result and Project main output.

Project overall objective

Provides overall context for what the project is trying to achieve, and aligns to programme priority specific objective. It relates to the strategic aspects of the project.

See also Project specific objective.

Project participant

Project participants of a project are the lead partner and the project partners.

See also Project partner and Lead partner

Project partner

Partner organisations involved in the implementation of approved project. The lead partner coordinates the project partners.

See also Project applicant, Project participants, Lead partner and Observer.

Project proposal

When the project idea is officially submitted to the call of the programme via an expression of interest (EoI) form on the eMS, it becomes a project proposal. Once the project proposal is approved it becomes a project.

See also Project idea.

Project specific objective

A concrete statement describing what the project is trying to achieve. It refers to the project main outputs. It can be evaluated at the conclusion of a project to see whether it was achieved or not.