Call for project proposal

Competition round, where the programme bodies 'call' for project proposals. Specific Terms of References (ToRs) trace the guiding principles to be applied to the above mentioned call. The opening and closing dates of the call are decided by the programme committee. Depending on the availability of funds, it is foreseen to launch one call per year. As soon as a call is launched, it will be announced on this website.

For more information, please contact your relevant ACP or the JS.

Cooperation area

Programme's eligible area composed of regions belonging to the 7 Partner States (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Lichtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland). To see the cooperation area map, please click here. Moreover, also activities carried out outside the cooperation area can be considered eligible.

For further details on the topic, please consult the fact sheet 1.2.

Cooperation Programme (CP)

At the start of each programming period, the Partner States collaborate with regional stakeholders to produce a new set of founding documents, which are then submitted to the European Commission, for review and approval. The final document, known as the “Cooperation Programme”, outlines the programme’s objectives and priorities. It is available here.