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Interreg or "European Territorial Cooperation“, as it is officially called, is part of the structural and investment policy of the European Union. Since more than 20 years, Interreg supports cooperation between regions and cities from different Member States. Interreg is built around three strands of cooperation: 

  • Cross-border cooperation programmes or Interreg A: these programmes focus on the cooperation in regions which are located on either side of the EU border. In this framework, cross-border actions may take place in the fields of entrepreneurship, transport or communication.
  • Transnational cooperation programmes or Interreg B: the aim of these programmes is to promote cooperation among larger European regions and to facilitate coordinated strategic responses to joint challenges in the fields of transport, international business, research and communication.
  • Interregional programmes: this type of cooperation focuses on the exchange of experience between local and regional actors across Europe with the aim of reducing disparities between regions in the fields of innovation, energy supply or climate change. There are four networking programmes currently working: ESPON, URBACT and INTERACT and Interreg Europe.


Interreg Alpine Space programme is part of the Interreg B programmes.

To find more information about the European territorial cooperation please visit the Inforegio website.

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INTERACT – Territorial cooperation

Interreg transnational programmes bordering with Alpine Space area:
Baltic Sea Region
Central Europe
Med Programme
North West Europe

Interreg cross-border programmes operating within Alpine Space area:
Austria –Bayern
Austria – Slovenia
Italy- Switzerland